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PFE 2021: Product Preview

Visit us at booth #532 | Aug. 16–19, Richmond, VA

TOMAR’s multi-function TRX and TRT Series is the answer to industrial-strength, flexible lighting solutions, optimized for military and government applications with the ability to add IR lamps, when stealth mode is important, to both the TRX and TRT. With the combination of White, Amber, and IR lights in the TRX Series; a White, IR, and Warning lights in the TRT Series. TOMAR has the high-strength solution needed to accomplish the mission. To learn more, visit www.tomar.com


Since 1969, TOMAR has proudly protected those who protect us through its innovative, reliable and durable illumination and preemption solutions through perfecting illumination and signaling.
Headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona, TOMAR Electronics, Inc. is a pioneering family-owned and run business providing warning products in the industrial and emergency industry serving government, public, and private communities at risk. TOMAR is committed to protecting people, property, environment, and budget by enhancing each community’s Envelope of Safety. From product development to delivery, TOMAR continues to increase value by improving manufacturing efficiencies, preserving the high quality and honoring the environment synonymous with the TOMAR name.

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