The Feniex Quantum® Light Bar Series…From Feniex Industries

Product Spotlight
Quantum. Unlock your potential.

Feniex Industries, a leading provider of American-made vehicle warning devices, recently introduced their newest product innovation, Feniex Quantum, available for police, fire and EMS. Unlike anything that exists in the market today, the streamlined light bar series addresses one of the largest issues in the emergency light vehicle industry – customizability. Every state in the United States and countries around the world…have different light and feature configuration requirements, making each order extremely specific. This can create production delays, susceptibility to configuration mistakes across the chain and limited ability to adjust once it’s created. Dealers are unable to stock their supply until after an order is made. After three years of engineering time and four patents, Feniex Quantum was launched with four color capable product series available in four configuration types: Single-Color, Dual-Color, Tri-Color and Quad-Color across a family of six light bars, five light sticks and 20 vehicle specific inner bars.

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