Setina Manufacturing Inc. Celebrates 60 Years in Business

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Setina 60 years

Founded in 1963 by John R. Setina, Setina Manufacturing Company is one of the most respected names in law enforcement vehicle equipment, setting industry standards through technological advancements and innovative design solutions. Setina’s extensive line of products provides the police fleet community a total solution in terms of vehicle upfitting. From full to mid-size SUVs, sedans, trucks, and vans, they have products to fit any department’s need.


Founder John Setina previously had 17 years of experience as a Vehicle Repair Specialist with the Washington State Patrol Automotive Division. He also owned his own body repair business when the State Patrol recognized his expertise and recruited him. While performing his duties in designing and building roll bars for the Washington State Patrol Cadet Driver Training Program, John saw the need for officer protection while transporting prisoners, and the need to reinforce the vehicle in the event of an accident.

Combining his inventive spirit and engineering ability, John Setina began working on his idea at night and on weekends in his garage. During this time, John designed the first Setina products and received his first patent, Bodyguard Partitions that incorporate a roll bar-type framework with various polymer window configurations. This was the first Police Vehicle Partition Patent of its type awarded by the U.S. Patent Office. Since that original patent, Setina has been awarded many other patents in 60 years of designing and manufacturing law enforcement vehicle equipment.

Keys to Success

A tradition of craftsmanship that is generations deep runs strong at Setina. Carrying on their father’s legacy, Terry Setina, President, and Judy Setina, Vice President, have both been an integral part of the company for over forty years. As President, Terry Setina has executive production responsibilities and oversees the entire manufacturing process to ensure only the highest quality products are produced. As Vice President, Judy Setina is responsible for the administrative and marketing side of the company. They have two modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities where nearly all the manufacturing processes are done, from receiving the raw materials to the finished product.

Setina uses the latest in computer-assisted design technology in their product development and manufacturing process. The company’s network infrastructure rivals those of larger companies. Their high-speed, gigabit, and fiber-optic network infrastructure allows employees to work effectively and efficiently. They strive to establish long-lasting relationships with their customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining trust through adherence to the highest standards. Setina’s designs and original patents continue to “set the standards as we know them today,” Judy Setina said.

According to Setina, the company is constantly doing laboratory testing to make sure their products can withstand the uncompromising demands of police work. For example, UV testing is performed on the push bumpers powder coat finish, as well as salt spray and gravelometer tests for scratch-resistance. Bolts and fasteners are tested for strength and quality, and all hardware is coated with ASTM-B-117 for protection against both white and red rust. Setina uses aircraft-grade aluminum and all OEM-grade powder to meet or exceed the auto manufacturers’ requirements and front-end weight limitations. Their patented Partition Mounting features a suspended mounting bracket system, eliminating the risk of foot entanglement. All of these are examples of the “Setina Difference.”

Setina’s SmartBelt is the only electronic seat belt system in the industry. The company also has a patent on door guards that go over the OEM door panel. This means officers don’t have to disconnect the door locks or handles and allows for an increased resale value of the vehicle when removed. Also, Setina was the first company to use LED lights on push bumpers, an example of how they keep improving and perfecting as an industry leader. Always defaulting to the highest quality, they use polycarbonate-coated, scratch-resistant finish on their partitions and barriers.

The Big Three—Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Chrysler Stellantis North America also recognize the quality of Setina products designed for use on their police vehicles. Many of the major auto manufacturers are now producing electric versions of their most popular vehicles for police use, such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Lightning truck; Tesla; and Chevrolet Volt. Judy Setina said Setina is also very proud to be an environmentally friendly “green” company, which means they do not produce any hazardous waste at their facilities, or during their manufacturing processes.

Terry and Judy Setina pride themselves on following their father’s belief system by offering the highest standard of quality in everything they do. Their attention to detail is evident from beginning to end, with no detail overlooked. “The customer always comes first and our customer service is second-to-none,” Judy Setina stated. In addition, all of Setina’s products are made in the USA.

Industry-Leading Designs

Setina’s extensive line of products for law enforcement includes several patented exterior and interior products that make them an industry leader in police vehicle upfitting. They are often imitated, but never outperformed in terms of design and functionality. Below are just a few of the superior products they offer.

Exterior Products

  • Push Bumpers: Models range from Original, Heavy Duty to Latest Technology LEDs. None of Setina’s push bumper designs interfere with the SRS Airbag System.
  • Fender Guards: High-strength, impact-resistant Fender Protectors and Headlight Guards are constructed of heavy-duty, lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum and steel. All hardware meets or exceeds Automotive PPAP Corrosion Standard PS10180.
  • Police Bike Racks: Setina’s new Police Bike Rack features a unique folding design, allowing for quick mounting, removal, and storage, and is adjustable for multiple bikes. The low-profile mount with stainless-steel fasteners and rubber-coated bike cradles eliminates noise and rattle during transport.
  • Skid Plates: Lightweight aluminum or steel undercarriage skid plates protect the under body, power train, and chassis components from damage caused by police driving situations. No drilling required for installation and easy access eliminates the need to remove for routine maintenance.

Interior Products

  • Partitions: All of Setina’s partition systems are side-curtain airbag compatible. Designed for a quick and easy installation, these partitions provide maximum legroom for all occupants. Suspended Mounting System anchors securely to the vehicle’s B-Pillar, eliminating the need for floor mounting brackets. The LEXAN™ coated scratch-resistant polycarbonate has a seven-year limited warranty against yellowing, abrasion, breakage, and coating failure. It is completely transparent, allowing for maximum visibility.
  • Firearm Mounting: An advanced modular design accommodates most firearms, scopes, and accessories. Setina’s “T-Rail” technology provides adjustability for multiple firearms and lock heads.
  • Transport Seating: Setina’s seating options include either the “Precision Fit” Cover Style Seating Systems, which provide a precision fit directly over the vehicle’s existing seat, or Replacement Style Seat to maximize suspect capacity. Also available with transport seating is Setina’s advanced center pull system or the new SmartBelt, which allows the officer to situate the passenger and buckle, with retractors that automatically sense when to lock so the detainee is secured. A safety alert signaling system notifies the officer if the retractor becomes unbuckled and is out of restraint mode.
  • Door Guards: Setina offers TPO Plastic or Aluminum and Steel door panels. Flat panel design allows for compatibility with each vehicle’s window framework. Thermoplastic PolyOlefin (TPO) is shatter, flame, and chemical resistant and exceeds NHSTA regulations.
  • Window Barriers: Designed with a high-strength steel framework and available with multiple window options, all window barriers are easy to install and feature a black powder coat finish.
  • Cargo Storage: Setina’s cargo storage solutions maximize vehicle storage for firearms, cargo, and communications equipment. A variety of locking systems are available, including RFID (keyless entry), Key Pad, Combi Lock (combination only), and Handle Key Lock. The Easy-Lift Cargo Deck provides a secure solution to the lower deck radios, electronics, and cargo storage.
  • K-9: The Ultimate K-9 II from Setina features the largest-in-class K-9 containment area with Setina’s rear cargo storage management system. Constructed of heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum alloy with a rugged powder coat finish, it allows for easy spare tire access. 

Looking Ahead

Known for a legacy of innovation, Setina is growing every year, Judy Setina said. They have two manufacturing facilities in Washington now, with state-of-the-art technology in both production locations. Many of their employees have been working there for more than 20 years, partly due to the competitive wages and benefits the company offers its employees, as well as the family-first atmosphere. In addition to an exceptional work force, Setina is also proud in continuing their family legacy with their third generation, with Brett Ware and Julian Setina, who both have the same dedication and commitment for their company and to the law enforcement industry.

With an unmatched presence in police fleets and a keen eye toward the future, Setina continues to take the lead on design evolution, with several new products that will be introduced at industry trade shows this year, including Police Fleet Expo. “Setina is dedicated to the men and women of law enforcement,” Judy Setina commented.


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