Video Introduction Sponsor


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Drive traffic to your display!

This is a sponsorship of the introduction video that will play on all buses heading to the track event on Monday. It will provide an overview of all events taking place at the track and locations where each event is located. Your firm will provide a 20-30 second video featuring what you will be displaying at the track.  We also strongly suggest your company offer some kind of give-away/incentive to entice the attendees to visit your booth at the track and/or the convention center. Even if you do not have a display at the track event, it provides a good opportunity to drive traffic to your booth on the show floor. There are only 10 of these video snippets available on a first come first served basis.

Benefits of a video introduction include:

  • Drive traffic to your booth
  • Highlight new products that will be on display
  • Entice attendees with special offers and/or give-aways
  • Build brand awareness and stand out
  • Cost effective