In June 2021, SoundOff Signal added to the proven nFORCE product family with an all-new lightbar, the nFORCE NXT. The NXT is the next generation of what many consider to be the industry’s most progressive full-size emergency vehicle lightbar. It builds on the nFORCE lightbar’s extreme reliability and proven features, while adding new network architecture and improved output.

SoundOff nFORCE NXT lightbar

SoundOff nFORCE NXT lightbar

SoundOff nFORCE NXT lightbar side detail

SoundOff nFORCE NXT side detail

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SoundOff’s engineers have significantly increased brightness by up to 15 percent, lowered the amp draw for a 20-percent reduction in power consumption, and made it harder working than ever before. This power consumption reduction helps agencies improve their fuel savings when used in conjunction with the new Ford Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid.
All expected, industry-standard features are included, such as a built-in photocell to allow for auto-dimming, and the NXT allows for a very quick install with its simple three-wire install. The NXT will interface directly with SoundOff’s 500 Series Siren controller without a Break Out Box (BOB), and is fully controllable with bluePRINT or traditional discreet-wire switching.
NXT is available in single-, dual-, or tri-colored configurations, making it suitable for any fleet. Red, blue, green, amber, and white are the available colors. The NXT is also now available with tinted lenses, symmetrical end caps, and lower top cover height, adding up to a 10-percent reduction in profile height to further reduce aerodynamic drag.
Each inboard module can be ordered with six or nine LEDs in single-color, 12 in dual-color, and 18 in tri-color, while corner modules are available with 12 or 18 LEDs, 24 LEDs, and 30 LEDs respectively. Every module can be programmed for stop/tail/turn, arrow, cruise, low-power, and steady-burn, as well as eight flashing modes. NXT offers more than 150 flash pattern variations to pick from, too!
With more efficient optics, the NXT improves on 360-degree coverage in warning mode while also allowing for more even scene lighting coverage in all directions. For safety on scene or during high-risk stops, dedicated six LED takedown and three LED alley light modules are standard; however, any light module can be programmed as a takedown, scene, work, or alley light as desired.
For upfitters or agency installers, the Windows-based PC application simplifies programming and enhances configurability and control. This use of PC application in conjunction with SoundOff Signal sirens simplifies install with “plug and play” RJ45 capability, saving configuration time and enhancing configurability by directly mapping siren buttons to control lightbar functions.
All told, NXT represents the best of what’s next from SoundOff Signal, as they continue to improve upon their products, innovate in the market, and build enduring customer relationships.

Specifications on the new NXT include:
• Input Voltage Range 10-32 Vdc
• Number of LEDs and maximum current draw: @ 12.8 VDC Inboard Warning Modules 6 LED Single Color: <1.0 Amp; 12 LED Dual Color: <1.0 Amp or 18 LED Tricolor < 1.0 Amp Corner Modules Takedown Alley 12 LED Single Color: <2.0 Amp; 24 LED Dual Color: <2.0 Amp or 3
• Number of LEDs and maximum wattage: @ 12.8 VDC Inboard Warning Modules 6 LED Single Color: <6.4 Watts; 9 LED Single Color: <9.6 Watts; 12 LED Dual Color: <6.4 Watts or 18 LED Tricolor: <6.4 Watts Corner Modules 12 LED Single Color: <12.8 Watts; 18 LED Single Color: <19.2 Watts; 24 LED Dual Color: <12.8 Watts or 30 LED Tricolor: <12.8 Watts Takedown 6 LED: <12.8 Watts Alley 3 LED: <6.4 Watts
• Flash Patterns Warning 66 Takedown/Alley 25 Arrow L/C/R 11
• Operating Temperature: -40° C to +65° C / -40° F to +149° F
• Dimensions: Lengths Height Depth 2 Module: 24” (61 cm); 4 Module: 36” (91 cm); 5 Module: 42” (107 cm); 6 Module: 48” (122 cm); 7 Module: 54” (137 cm); 8 Module: 60” (152 cm) or 10 Module: 72” (183 cm) Lightbar 2.34” (5.8 cm) Lightbar 12” (31 cm)
• Mounts: Standard hook kit mount with angle adjustment wedge headache rack mount
• Certifications: SAE J845/J595 Class 1 certified and California Title 13, Class B certified ECE R65 Category T, Class 2 certified (red or blue) and EMC/ECE R10-4 certified
• The warranty on the NXT is five years.

Along with the new nForce NXT lightbar, SoundOff Signal has introduced a state-of-the-art intelligent control system called the 500 Series Siren. This versatile controller builds on the feature-rich 400 Series Siren, but incorporates bluePRINT programmability and logic, as well as other useful enhancements. The 500 Siren provides relay and solid-state outputs with up to 200 watts of dual-tone siren output. The hardware and processing power of the new 500 Siren has been intentionally beefed-up to provide superior performance and reliability and allows for future expansion. Even with these enhancements, the physical footprint versus a Central Controller-based bluePRINT system has been reduced with the consolidation of the several functional components into one unit. The 500 Siren can control up to three lightbars on two built-in channels, eliminating the need for Break-Out Boxes (BOBs).
Along with bluePRINT logic and expandability, the 500 Series Siren programs with the new SoundOff Central bluePRINT app for Windows. This powerful new interface significantly reduces programming complexity and setup time, with industry-first features like the ability to “clone” lights and auto-detect connected system components. As they developed SoundOff Central, the team critically assessed the previous bluePRINT software to reduce the learning curve and simplify the workflow. Now the upfitter or shop tech has software with a cleaner look and less screens to navigate, and one that requires less steps to get the vehicle set up and on the road. All the bluePRINT features and logic functionality are there, just simpler to customize. SoundOff did not forget their legacy products and ensured the new SoundOff Central app is backward-compatible to older bluePRINT hardware.
Probably the most important feature of SoundOff’s bluePRINT intelligent control systems, one that separates them from competitors, is the ability to quickly “connect and cure” any setup or functionality issues. Techs can connect to the installed system to monitor system performance in real time. This means testing out light patterns or complex features virtually, versus having to actually go out on the street and replicate a scenario. The time savings alone are staggering when you think about previous methods for testing issues and confirming setup functionality. In other manufacturers’ products, the usual way to confirm something is working as designed or as promised was to have another person follow behind and watch the vehicle system behavior. bluePRINT-powered systems eliminate this need and allow for full validation of all controls, logic chains, and vehicle CANBUS signals that inform system behavior. Simply put, you can replicate all scenario-driven system behavior right in the shop using the app’s unique and powerful diagnostics tool.
When paired with SoundOff Central’s bluePRINT intelligence, the now-available 500 Series Siren makes it financially and physically easier for agencies to adopt bluePRINT and also makes the entire installation much more upfitter-friendly. SoundOff Signal continues to have direct dialogue with customers in the field with the commitment to provide ongoing product development and fine-tuning; additional features are being added to SoundOff Central with every update.
The combination of the new nForce NXT lightbar and the 500 Series Siren with bluePRINT technology is a package that is very hard to beat for value, quality, functionality, and ease of setup and maintenance.