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PFE 2021:

New Products

Richmond, VA

Pro-gard™ Products continues to design and manufacture products that meet the needs of officers, especially when it comes to efficiency and reliability. They recently unveiled two new products:
Pro-gard™ Products’ new P1300 Pro-Cell Single Prisoner Transport System for the 2020 to current Ford Interceptor Utility is the latest proven solution for fleets who need to achieve total prisoner containment during transports. The P1300 Pro-Cell provides full usage of two-thirds of the second row seat while using only one-third for single prisoner transport. This new system provides full travel and recline of the driver’s seat without compromising the safety necessary for prisoner transport. The single-system innovation creates a seamless use for the car during work and after hours. With our current Pro-Cell Prisoner Transport Systems, the entire second row OEM seat is removed and replaced with a full-width ABS transport seat. The new P1300 Pro-Cell allows agencies to leave the driver side and middle OEM rear seat in and only remove the outer one-third OEM seat. This allows the remaining OEM seats to be utilized for car seats or other individuals in the backseat without sacrificing safety or comfort. The newest Pro-Cell allows agencies to leave the driver-side and middle OEM rear seats to remain installed, only removing the other one-third OEM second-row seat. The single-prisoner transport system eliminates the need to store the entire second-row seat of the Ford Police Interceptor Utility to now only store one-third of the seat.
This ergonomically friendly system sits 6 inches lower than the OEM seats and comes with all the equipment needed to provide fully contained prisoner transport options. The P1300 comes equipped with a one-third partition, lower extension panel, cargo barrier, window bars (polycarbonate or steel), custom-molded passenger side-replacement door panel, transport seat and floor pan, polycarbonate divider, wing kit, and outboard seat belts. The 3/8-inch thick polycarbonate divider is formed to provide a tight fit between the OEM and prisoner transport seat and has precut slotted vent holes at the top to allow for airflow. Our Tri-Lock Self Supporting Gun Rack installs vertically between the driver and passenger seats without interfering with the P1300 and is available for single- or dual-mounting options along with a locking handgun box.

Cargo Storage Floor

Pro-gard™ Products, LLC introduced the new Cargo Storage Floor, a three-compartment storage system, exclusively for the 2021 Chevy Tahoe. It expands the cargo area, allowing officers to conceal a wide range of equipment, weapons, and electronics. It creates an elevated floor in the cargo area, providing the convenience to readily store or access gear and weapons. An added benefit to the flat floor surface is the capability to mount other necessary items such as flashlights or fire extinguishers to the top of the compartments. The three unique hinged storage compartments are installed with push-button latches to easily open and close each compartment as needed. Offering three unique storing options in the cargo area of the 2021 Chevy Tahoe, the Cargo Storage Floor is easy to install and securely mounts directly to the floor using existing OEM mounting points. It performs with or without a Pro-gard Cargo Barrier and is powder-coated to match their cargo barriers.
For non-prisoner transport vehicles, it was engineered to work with the OEM seats in the PPV/SSV Chevy Tahoe models to offer a storage option in the cargo space when there otherwise may not be one. Another benefit of the Cargo Storage Floor is that it was designed to allow access to the rear auxiliary battery in the cargo area, whereas some other cargo storage solutions obstruct access to the battery. Made of heavy-duty powder-coated steel, each compartment is equipped with two push-button latches. The first compartment is furnished with a key-locking latch for securely storing weapons or sensitive gear (8.21” D x 13.23” L x 42.35” W). The second compartment comfortably stores duty gear or other equipment (8.21” D x 13.39” L x 42.35” W). The third, furthest most compartment houses electronics with a removable electronics tray for mounting electronics (6.31” D x 15.52” L 42.35” W). The third compartment may also function as a storage compartment if needed in place of using it as an electronics tray.
To learn more, visit www.progard.com