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PFE 2021:

New Product

Richmond, VA

Due to the increased demand for a longer-lasting and better performing friction solution, PFC Brakes introduced the all-new CarbonMetallic® brake pads for the 2020-21 Ford Police Interceptor. Using the same heat-treating process as their race-winning pads, their Police and First Responders CarbonMetallic® pads are greener, quieter, and last longer than the competition. Long-life friction saves money with the lowest cost per mile in fleet tests. Iconic fusion-bonding technology prevents separation between the friction and backing plate and temperature-resistant shims provide a barrier to noise and vibration. The new Interceptor pads are available now. For optimal performance, pair PFC’S CarbonMetallic® pads with their corresponding ZERO FAILURES™ rotors.
To learn more, visit www.pfcbrakes.com