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PFE 2021:

New Product

Richmond, VA

Go Rhino and AEDEC have teamed up to produce one of the safest prisoner seating systems in the market today. Restrain and transport prisoners with ease using the revolutionary seat belting systems and signature seat features. Virtually indestructible and lightweight, it is made of molded TPO and polycarbonate materials of 0.220 thickness. Impermeable, chemically resistant material allows for easy biohazard cleanup and sterilization. The 3-Point “Pro-Straint” handle system prevents the need to reach across detainee when buckling and streamlines and protects the officer and detainee during loading and unloading. It is designed specifically to eliminate gaps and crevices where contraband may otherwise be hidden and there is an optional dual/single gun rack available.
For more information on this and other law enforcement transport solutions, visit www.gorhino.com