First Time Exhibitor?

PFE offers fleet managers the only show and expo organized, designed and operated by the Police Fleet community for the Police Fleet community.

As a manufacturer, supplier or servicer of police fleets, PFE offers the ideal opportunity to share innovations, get insights and make connections.

  • Meet face-to-face with hundreds of police fleet professionals developing deeper customer relationships
  • Generate new business as every attendee of PFE is a prospective customer
  • Showcase your vehicle and equipment products or service offerings
  • Highlight “what’s new” in your booth or through training sessions
  • Receive direct input from those who use your products and services
  • Receive presentation time, join panel discussions, be part of general topic discussions and participate in hands-on training sessions
  • Save time and money by meeting customers and prospects in one location, instead of traveling the country
  • Expand your marketing power through Police Fleet Professional Magazine which reaches 17,000+ police fleet professionals
  • Additional sponsorship opportunities available
  • No extra association fees for being part of PFE

In addition to your standard booth, the DriveX Track Experience is an opportunity to demonstrate your product or service in an outdoor test track environment. It’s a great place to have quality conversations in a relaxed environment.

Here’s How PFE Ranked with 2023 Exhibitors in our Event Survery.

We are committed to polling exhibitors of PFE annually about the value of the event we offer as well as the quality of attendees who participate. This provides us–and you–with beneficial insights and confirmations that PFE is the best, most important show for everything police fleet management.

How satisfied were you with exhibiting at PFE?

Key takeaway: 93% of exhibitors are very or somewhat satisfied with PFE

Is this the first time your company has exhibited at PFE?

Key takeaway: Most have been exhibiting at PFE for more than a decade, continually increasing their presence as evidenced with 93% of exhibitors committed to returning annually

Were the attendees the right level of decision-makers for your product/service?

Key takeaway: Exhibitors compellingly state 93% of attendees are fleet-purchasing decision makers

How valuable is PFE as a tool in reaching your customers?

Key takeaway: As a conference, exhibitors rate PFE as 93% valuable in reaching customers and prospects

Did the event structure give you ample time to interact with the attendees?

Key takeaway: Considerable opportunity exists to connect with attendees during PFE according to exhibitors

Are you planning to exhibit with us next year?

Key takeaway: 100% of exhibitors will either return or likely return to PFE—a powerful endorsement attesting the value of the expo

Overall quality of attendees

Key takeaway: Exhibitors affirm the quality of attendees–every attendee is a true prospect–with 96% asserting excellent, good or satisfactory

If you are looking to get a feel for what to expect on the show floor, watch the video below for a good (and humorous) tour of the expo hall from the 2023 event in New Orleans.

BTW…if you are looking for added value, please note this video from Nick OFF Duty has been viewed over 500k times. That’s a lot of bonus coverage!

The DriveX Track Day Experience