Feniex Industries Launches Quantum®

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Quantum. Unlock your potential.

From technological advancements to innovating industry business models, Feniex has continued to challenge the status quo to ensure that emergency equipment is never the reason why a first responder unit is delayed. In recent years, while the world focused on concerns with supply chain, Feniex doubled their innovation efforts to bring a solution to the biggest problem our industry faces.

Launched during the Feniex Annual Summit on January 18, 2023, Feniex released its most innovative product line to date, Quantum®, the world’s first field upgradable and customizable emergency warning product series.

“We are changing and simplifying the supply chain while providing additional functionality features and flexibility to our customers,” stated Yemilyn Mosley, Chief Operating Officer. “Dealers can now stock with flexibility and consolidation, allowing them to grow their business more efficiently and profitably.”

Quantum’s patented technology allows the buyer to purchase one product, at single-color cost, and unlock multi-color modes as needed. This product release optimizes Feniex’s single-color line with more functionality, bringing back dual-color, launching tri-color for the first time, and enhancing the quad line.

In addition to the technological innovation of Quantum, Feniex is introducing new business models into the industry that will yield greater capital efficiencies for dealers and agencies. In response and adaptation to current market conditions, Feniex has designed the commercial model of the Quantum lighting series to bolster the financial models of their dealers to allow them to shorten their vehicle completion time, producing more builds per year. Dealers can now plan their stock ahead of time and be more competitive with lead times, customizing and programming the Quantum product in a fraction of the time of other brands. With the adoption of the Quantum line, dealers can consolidate brands as Quantum meets every functionality and budget.

Agencies will benefit from the flexibility to upgrade vehicle functions as budgets allow, and as vehicles trickle in from shortages, fleet managers will have the ability to program and repurpose as inventory becomes available. They will also have full control over their product with simplified programming steps.

Quantum is available in four configuration types: single, dual, tri, and quad across a family of six lightbars, five light sticks, and twenty-plus vehicle-specific inner bars. It is all-in-one, allowing the customer to skip the long production wait times. It is affordable, with everything you need starting at the single-color price. Quantum is field programmable with 60 days to lock in your color option. Warranty begins at the time of configuration, and the customer can upgrade the product for an additional cost at any time using the Quantum software.

The Quantum module has a linear optic perfectly designed to capture 100 percent of the light from the 24 LEDs packed into each module. Each module has amber, blue, white, and red colors. Integrated features and functions include: takedown, alley, flood mode; front and rear flashing modes; DOT stop-turn-tail modes’ arrow directional modes; dim and cut-off modes; cruise and park modes; and California red mode.

Customers have sixty days to change colors in single, dual, and tri. To make any changes in the future, upgrading to the next unlock level would be the recommendation. This will give the user sixty extra days and an additional color to each light module. If the product is unlocked to quad, then they will have unlimited access to changing color and input functions as they please.

Quantum offers options for all budgets and uses as the customer only pays for what they need. Single-color is the same pricing as the Feniex Fusion®-S product line. Quad pricing matches the four-color capabilities of the Quantum, and dual and tri are set at industry standard pricing with more flexibility and control than ever seen in the market before.

The Unlock Quantum software is free for product configuration. End users can directly download the software and have the ability to upgrade the product to dual, tri, or quad using the software. This revolutionary innovation of Quantum technology is a more evolved iteration of the Feniex Quad® product line that was first released in 2020. While Quad has twenty-eight fixed programming functions via the converter and has to be manually programmed per input wire, Quantum is a complete online programming experience in a fraction of the time by plugging it to a computer and using the Quantum software and USB adapter.

dditionally, Quantum has upgrade capabilities, allowing dealers to cost-effectively keep more stock with accessible single-color pricing and upgrade at the time of sale by the customer needs. Quantum also has eight new additional flash patterns that include: raging beacon, figure 8 chase, night ride crossover, hale storm, pulse, I/O flux, spectrum, and progressive pursuit.

Quantum’s programming software saves time while providing more functions and flexibility. Customers can maximize the functions intuitively, and for those with less programming experience, they can avoid tapping wires.

Feniex offers a five-year warranty for Quantum, which starts the day the user first configures the product with the USB adapter and not the day of sale.

For more information about the Quantum product line series, the Unlock Quantum software, and how to buy and become a dealer, please visit https://www.feniex.com/ or contact sales@feniex.com. For personal training classes on installation, visit https://www.feniextraining.com/.

Quantum is a real transformation on how the vehicle equipment industry works,” stated Yemilyn Mosely. “The advancement and flexibility of emergency lighting has been forever shaped by this release.

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