Community policing is an important part of each department’s connection with their residents. Presenting a friendly face to your community can make the difference in a variety of ways and a unique mobility solution can represent your department in the best possible way to your residents.

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For many years, Great Lakes Segway (GLS) of Walled Lake, Mich. has supported police and public safety, especially now at the critical crossroads between protecting communities and building great community relationships. GLS’ line of electric mobility vehicles can help any community solve problems, be more efficient and set the right tone wherever they go. With a new line of products and a newly opened,
full-service repair center, Great Lakes Segway is able to increase the ways to support department needs.
Great Lakes Segway is an independent dealer, seller and repair destination for Segway products, not just a dealer of Segway products. Great Lakes Segway is not Segway Inc. For years, people have asked what has happened to Segway within the police community. While support from Segway corporate may have dried up, Great Lakes Segway is there to step into that place and rebuild that bridge. While Great Lakes Segway does carry a full range of Segway products, GLS is not Segway exclusive, and carries a variety of brands that
can all be used to help support police and public safety.
The most well-known machine when it comes to Segway is the PT (personal transporter). The Segway that you traditionally know and love is more formally known as the Segway PT, in a couple different varieties. The i2, with standard street-ready tires and frame, is built for paved surfaces and light off-road use. The X2, with much larger off-road tires, can handle any surface and is built to be driven over any surface, from the snowy trail to the sandy beach. Both of these units can come with a patroller package, which includes a lighted handlebar shield, SoundOff Signal brand lights and sirens, a larger shield bag, side lights and bags.
All of GLS’ Segway PTs are refreshed by Level 3 Segway-trained repair staff. Level 3 is the highest level of Segway repair available, and our mechanics can diagnose and fix any issue with the PT, giving you total peace of mind as you ride. Machines that GLS has for sale are as perfect as possible, and repaired machines are brought up to that high standard of quality. With Segway Inc. no longer producing factory-new Segway PTs, Great Lakes Segway is the source for the finest, highest quality Segway PTs on the market today.
Another top product in the mobility space is the e-bike, and Great Lakes Segway has departments covered there as well. Recon Power Bikes provide a remarkable combination of power and durability, exactly what’s needed to be the reliable bike for officers on patrol. Recon ebikes are built to military specifications, which is evident in the reinforced frame and fat tires – that strength allows for riding over obstacles, on any terrain, in any circumstance. A Samsung battery and five levels of electric power assistance allow officers on patrol to get a small boost, no boost, or to simply push down the throttle and get somewhere as soon as possible. Additional accessories include lights, sirens and carrying bags; these police-grade ebikes can be a perfect fit in any department with bike patrols!
Trikke is a newer addition to the Great Lakes Segway product family. The Trikke Posi-Tron is a police-specific model that can extend foot and bike patrol range, on-foot call response speed and provide a unique layer of community engagement. This machine’s unique three-point stance comes with the same strong construction, Whelan lights and sirens, a reinforced aluminum frame and other features that you would expect in a police vehicle.
Segway Powersports is an exciting line of off-road vehicles coming to GLS in 2021. With ATVs, UTVs, side by sides, and more, your department can patrol, service, and protect your land that much better, all quietly and efficiently. Hybrid engines and sleek, modern
designs create powerful machines that would fit into any department’s fleet. These vehicles serve multiple uses, from off-road patrols and surveillance, to utility operations and establishing presence. Segway Powersports’ line of products will be available in early 2021.
Great Lakes Segway is not just a dealer, but also a full-service repair shop. Recently opening a new service center has allowed Great Lakes Segway to expand to more of a full-service company to support you. GLS can provide repairs and service for all of your machines, not just ones purchased through them. This includes bikes, scooters, ATVs, utility vehicles, and more, all on top of the best Segway repair service possible. Our service center has multiple trained technicians, all available to keep your machines in perfect condition.
GLS is offering Segway PT, bike and other mobility repairs via in-person service as well. Various mobile units can travel to you, prepped and ready to fix anything needed. Simply call GLS, discuss the full range of machines to be serviced, and let a skilled technician
come out to refresh everything in your garage. The process includes a full inventory and testing, replacement of all basic parts in need of a tune-up, advanced repairs and more. GLS can bring their knowledge and repair skills to you along with bringing the product line to you on the same trip- just another way GLS goes above and beyond to help those in uniform.
For those customers who have Segways or other machines in need of immediate repair, anywhere in the country, Great Lakes Segway’s EZ Ship program is the solution. Simply ship your unit to GLS, let them take a look to diagnose the issues, approve the estimate, and your fully repaired machine will be returned back to you, with no inconvenience needed! The highly recommended EZ Ship program has already repaired machines from places around the country, from Florida to Alaska.
Great Lakes Segway has been traveling the United States throughout the past year- they’re not limited to Michigan and the Great Lakes anymore! Their knowledge and expertise can be of service to you, whether you’re just around the corner or thousands of miles away. Great Lakes Segway can bring that expertise to you, in whichever way is most convenient!
As we all wrap up a tough year, we encourage all police and public safety departments to look to Great Lakes Segway to fulfill any budget requirements for 2020 and to carve out a place for them in your 2021 budget. GLS can work with you on any step of the process from funding sources and estimates, implementation, training and maintenance. GLS is confident in their ability to craft a solution that fits your department, your officers, and your community.