Code 3 C5517 SERIES REFLEX® (17″ LED Minibar) and the CITADEL™ PILLAR SERIES (Exterior Lighting System)

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The C5517 Series 17″ LED minibar is a compact and powerful warning solution with permanent, vacuum magnet and magnet mount options. This minibar, outfitted with 60 (single-color) and 180 (dual-color) high-intensity LEDs, provides full 360-degree lighting to attract the attention of drivers on the road. It features 37 single-color and 97 dual-color flash patterns and models with vacuum-magnet mounts that include a cigarette plug switch with on/off and flash pattern control. Code 3’s Citadel™️ Pillar Series is designed to seamlessly integrate with Chevy Tahoe and Ford PIU emergency vehicles to provide a sleek OEM look and feel. Equipped with six rear-facing and two intersection LEDs, the Citadel Pillar delivers enhanced on-scene safety for first responders. The easy-to-install D-pillar light features 77 dual-color or 58 tri-color flash patterns and Matrix® compatibility allowing for unlimited configurations. Available with CD3794 or CD5031 lightheads. Visit us at PFE 2023 (Booth #509) or click here:

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